Game performance evaluations popular

One of the new goalie development services we are offering this year is becoming quite popular. The new service is called an individual game performance evaluation.

Here is how it works. I (or someone from my staff) provide a written evaluation of a goalie’s performance in a game situation.

This week, I watched games involving goalies at the U12A and PeeWee B1 level. I took notes throughout the games and then met with the goalies, their parents and coaches afterwards to discuss my observations.

Things I noticed and discussed included: rebound control, overall game awareness (when to go to bench on delayed penalties etc.), glove positioning, stance, following the puck with their eyes and where they positioned themselves in the crease area. These are some small, but important elements of becoming a successful goaltender that are often overlooked by most youth hockey coaches.

I hope to check back with these goalies in about a month to see what improvements have been made.

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