50 of state’s top goalies train at Dave Peterson Goalie Camp

There were 50 goalies at the camp, 25 on the ice at one time.

The 2015 Minnesota Hockey Dave Peterson CCM High Performance Goalie Camp was held Aug. 6-9 at Augsburg College. The camp provided 50 of the state’s top high school goalies with a unique goaltending experience. The 25 boys and 25 girls, who received invites based on their participation in the CCM High Performance programs, were exposed to four days of specialized instruction on and off the ice.

The goalies got 12 hours of on-ice instruction and a number of classroom sessions on topics such as mental skills development, vision training, yoga and hockey opportunities after high school.

Coach Carroll served as director of the Dave Peterson Goalie Camp.

I help start this camp in 2005 and for the 11th year in a row I served as director. I thought it was extremely important that Minnesota Hockey provide a high-level skill development opportunity for boys and girls in this age group. These are highly motivated athletes who are determined to improve their skills and overall game so they can help their high school teams achieve success. Many of the participants also have set their sights on playing college hockey.

The camp provided goalies with an opportunity to learn the latest techniques and strategies from a combination of Minnesota’s most well-respected and talented college and high school goalie coaches. This year, 15 coaches ran drills throughout the camp.

We also had four Minnesota college goalies on the ice helping out as counselors and demonstrators. The goalies currently play at the NCAA Division I and III levels. They represented the following hockey programs: University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, St. John’s University and Gustavus Adolphus College.